What's the Latin for "fear of forms"?

I have both an online application and a paper application to fill out. Both fill me with dread. Heck, I can't even remember when I moved into Dave E.'s place, and that was barely over a year ago. The address of the apartment I had in K'zoo has completely fled my tiny little mind. Apartment F, I think, occurs to me now, but who knows in what context?

The worst, undoubtedly, will be the online app. Forcing my weird, confused, complex life into tiny little boxes will, I'm sure, prove the end of me.

Time to make some calls on my housing possibilities. I saw one or two that would be ideal, assuming the people I'd be sharing those digs with wouldn't be serial killers or PETA fanatics.

In the continuing reports of Nashville roads, I woke early enough to see morning traffic in Nashville. Ouch. Saw more of the city, though, driving to avoid it. In other news, I discovered that, contrary to my previous post, I had only been on the third downtown bridge, the I-24/I-40 bridge. In fact, my map does not show the fourth bridge: I think it connects Shelby Avenue with Demonbreun Street (what a name, eh?). It is a wonderful bridge; I crossed it last night. Twice. Six glorious lanes landing just south of Downtown. I still feel shivers to think on't.

Of course, I drove past the bridge (on 2nd Avenue) about four hundred times this week before I noticed it last night, but I still have very positive feelings about the whole experience. ;-)


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711 S Drake, I believe