Jobs and homes

I am considering how to resolve the "no job without permanent address" attitude with the "no address without a permanent job" attitude. Aside from a PO box, which I will certainly get, I have a few other options:

One job at an apartment building will include a room as compensation. The owner will be back at work Friday and will read my application then.

I talked to the guy, who's name is Logan, who runs the downtown cafe—which is far more like a bar with live music than a coffeehouse. Though he turned me down on my request to use his address ("Sorry, but no; I could get in trouble") he very kindly took my phone number to share with roommate-searchers. He also pointed me to Opryland Hotel, as they have a high turnover and also can provide bums like me with a room.


Called a couple employment agencies today. One said she didn't really do IT, but had occasional use for a person who knew HTML or could take a computer apart, and I agreed to mail her my resume. She was also kind enough to point me to an agency with one line in the yellow pages. It was very nice of her to point it out to me, as it was far down in the alphabet.

Several others have set times to come in and fill out an app or take tests; some take resumes over the net.

So. Onward and forward.

I am devoting equal time to jobs and a place to stay, as the two are related. I rather wish they weren't, but... oh, well.

I also found a bookstore called Books-a-Million, which is huge and has a cafe and one wall, approximately the length of a football field, with nothing but magazines. I have been making myself ubiquitous there in the evening hours when there is nothing else inexpensive to do but hang around the Parthenon. (Actually, I have been thinking about hanging out there and lecturing on it with a tin can for tips. Don't laugh, I can do chapter and verse on who built the original, why, how, when and who blew it up, and various details on the architecture: "Why are the columns striped? Why are they curved? Why does the plaque say the columns point in?" Obviously, my only fear is that that I would be elbowing out some other bum's job. Probably one with a city income.)

These library computers are very annoying. Inglewood has nicer, newer machines than Madison, but the crippled versions of Windows and Internet Explorer installed on these... hold on, I think I have a redundancy in this sentence somewhere....

By the way, if anyone leaves comments on this blog, I will not be displeased. :-D


Jimmy Atcha said…
Logan eh? Did he have crazy wings in his hair and a Canadian accent? Did he say eh? a lot? Be careful around that one.
40angst said…
I knew exactly what I was going to say until I actually started typing. Hmmmm.