Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nuance versus meaning

Why does anyone listen to Robert Wright?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Michigan is waking up from a bad dream

Diocletian used this logic to nail the feet of “those filthy serfs” to the land for a thousand years. I guess some people never got enough of a good thing. Garfinkle may be Jewish; if so, perhaps that is distorting his values. Many people dislike being tied down.

(As a Jewish American, Garfinkle is likely to be Ashkenazi: his cultural memory of Europe does not involve violent capture and punishment as a valuable chattel that fled the master’s estates. As a member of a once-undesirable class, his cultural memory holds the supremely reluctant honor of a torchlit parade to the borders of the kingdom, not being forced to stay.)

Newsflash: China was a massive labor sink isolated from the West because of Chinese racism and xenophobia, then Red Fascist ideology and good old-fashioned Communist self-genocide. My father and grandfathers did not have to compete against Chinese labor because we lost China to Mao; my great-great grandfathers were spared, to a far lesser extent, by the Manchu.

It is the end and deflation of the biggest market distortion in history that has dropped this unprecedented labor force on us: the end of the Chinese nation’s isolationism and its emergence in the global market. The water is leveling in the glass and it is a hell of a ride. As Michael Barone noted about immigration: China’s supercheap labor market is not some malign dragon we must venture forth and slay with trade guilds and protective tariffs, but a particular product of a particular time. It will end. This painful time for American labor will end. As it is, we are under tremendous pressure and we are quickly shedding our bad habits: overpaid, featherbedding unions, the forced socialism of employer-based health care.

This is Bastiat’s simplest lesson: That which is not seen. Why is economics so hard to some?

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Eric Cantor: we endowed the POTUS with massive, sweeping powers. Who knew some asshole would try to abuse them??

Or that Agencies that Do Nothing But Regulate Without Check Or Hindrance would grow out of control?

It’s a pity Eric Cantor cannot bring himself to the STUPIDLY OBVIOUS conclusion that allowing the Executive to make regulatory law (from the ICC on) is a MASSIVE MISTAKE.

But then the Republicans would be forced to confront their own Cuntitude. Not. Gonna. Happen.

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