Monday, November 27, 2006


1 AM and I am back in Music City. 30 miles to I-69, 36 to Indiana, 170 to Indianapolis, 120 to Louisville, 136 to Tennessee, 50 more to Antioch equals 542 miles. According to the map, Kalamazoo, Indianapolis, Bowling Green and Nashville all draw to a single line. Marshall/Fort Wayne and Louisiana form two humps on that trip. Meh. On the other hand, the map says 10.83 hours to traverse, so I'm beating the odds at 8.75 anyway. All I need do is eliminate the need to pee and enlarge the gas tank by one-third and… I could shave off 20 minutes. Hmm. Radar detector? Stealth paint? FoP sticker?

A private pilot's license is beginning to look reasonable (for ludicrously high values of reasonable).

Gas signs from the past.

Modern Grotesque

Stephen Green compares, properly, San Francisco's Planning Commission to the Red Guards : “In a 5–0 vote, it ordered Johnston to build a...