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Blinded by a nostalgic glow: Three times Acculturated magazine doesn't get parenting

Not unlike Robert Conquest’s Three Laws, I have my own rule: any group of social conservatives, unless radicalized, substitute mindless nostalgia for socio-economic repair or innovation, and brainless speculation for close observation. Three examples:
If parents didn’t give their children chores and make them participate in housekeeping, lawn care, and home repairs, or if they outsourced those things altogether, why should they point and laugh at millennials who need tutorials on doing laundry, using lawn mowers, and fixing faucets?

… In their defense, older generations probably tried to do their children a favor by shielding them from the kind of challenging childhoods many of them endured … source No. This is a result both of divorced parents, and of intact but two income families. You have a fixed amount of time for the kids, and you must spend it on working, cooking, cleaning, home and auto maintenance, and all the rest. Teaching children how to do any of these increases the time…

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