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Culture: support, extend, transform

I get Jordan B. Peterson’s point here but not his larger point:

Who are you accusing of doing nothing to support their own culture? The far right? On what basis? As far as I've ever seen, the dominant criticism of the far right is that they seek to support their own culture too much, not too little. — Amy VanHym (@AmyVanHym) November 28, 2017

"When someone is proud of his culture despite having done nothing to support it, extend it or transform it." I suppose everyone I know could write a novella, a short story, a poem, or a comic book, but not one in a thousand could write one that others would willingly read. Still, I have frequented fanfic communities (to pick a random group), and will testify that, yes, Sturgeon's Iron Law is still valid, but some people do manage to bang out readable, enjoyable fiction, and, further, a few people in those communities can write fiction that one reads, keeps, and adopts, whether as a favorite story or a model for one’s own writing…

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