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Pete Seeger's "Firefly"

Whilst browsing Reddit (I know, I know), I read:
Firefly is a space cowboy metaphor for the rise of the south
Rise? More like Reconstruction, only the Union is lily-white and the Confederacy is racially integrated. (The total absence of Chinese actors in FF is still one of the Eight Wonders of Hollywood, unless Sino-American rule is divided, like Niven & Pournelle’s US-Soviet CoDominium.)

Joss Whedon traffics in emotional manipulation without internal logic. Buffy seasons 2-3 were the best ones because probably the last thing Whedon "got" was high school. He's the Pete Seeger of our generation:

There is a steady flood of alien ideas being spread over the country, always carefully disguised as American.
Ah, Hiram. You could have been a hero, with just a slight attitude adjustment. Oh, well.

Consider "Heart of Gold." Consider how little time was spent thinking this stuff out in favor of mindless "white patriarchal cis-het scumlord" bigotry. What is …

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