Thursday, March 01, 2018

Murdering Trump with your mother-in-law’s cookies and East Asian Realpolitik

Tablet magazine is usually rather good, but today…
  • Kassam Eid accuses Samantha Power, Ben “Dem Gullible MSM” Rhodes and Barack Obama of “covering up the evidence of war crimes and genocide in Syria and twisting facts to serve their political agenda and public image.” Trump is praised for exposing this deceit.
  • Also Tablet: “((Brit))) writes TIMELY book about how killing a Trump-like politician would be so TIMELY.”
  • Tablet coup de grâce: woman drones on in print about tossing her mother-in-law’s cookies. The Mob has shorter grudges, and I’m damn sure even their stories without body counts are more entertaining: “I never made them while she was still alive because I could never have subjected myself to her comments after tasting one… My mother-in-law complained about everyone’s baking except her own… I did not willingly bake for my mother-in-law until the year before she died.”
These articles were all on the same page.
Strategy Page writes: “European nations have a problems with the many widows and children of ISIL fighters now under arrest in Syria and Iraq. Many of these widows are asking to be returned to their European homelands…” Those aren’t their homelands.

“European nations have finally come around to acknowledging that Islamic radicals and their supporters, especially those in Europe, are eager to radicalize their children and produce another generation of Europe based Islamic terrorists. For a long time European governments either ignored or denied this.”

Also Strategy Page: North Korea steals South Korean war plans, realize they’re screwed.

Emperor Xi Jinping pushes for removal of term limits, tightens his control.

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