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Where's somercet?

Clerks ii or, the reckoning

Moving day

Wonky of sleep...

Another lesson...

Things I failed to mention, being wonky with lack of sleep

Great, now I can't sleep


Gore Vidal was right

Hooray and ugh

“Time and love have branded me with their claws”

So tired

My Douglas MacArthur moment

Bringing it all back home

The Onion overtaken

Tennessee v. Michigan

Home repair



Attrition warfare (update)

First week done

Coffee achiever

Car pool lane

First day at work

Church in holey boots

Braking training

Heigh ho, heigh ho...

How terribly apropos

Say cheese

Sundry others

Could you hold this cup?

Clean, glorious clean

Okay, what's Latin for "fear of parking lots"?