Tuesday, May 30, 2006

So tired

I left Kalamazoo at about 3:30 PM CDT, and it is now 12:38 AM. This trip went a bit smoother, I think, simply because I have this down now. Also, I did not encounter the congestion I did when I drove north through Nashville Friday evening. Also, I am pleased to note that the A/C drops my mileage by less than one mile per gallon, which is good because I had it on "ARCTIC" until the sun went down.

$2.71 at Meijers on Westnedge
$2.61 at some gas station in old Louisville
$2.50 at Kangaroo gas station here in Murfreesboro

That Kangaroo station must purchase only gasoline that "fell off the truck".

The little bit of Louisville I saw is indeed pretty; aside from the rough neighborhoods I travelled through, I saw a lot of beautiful, older brick buildings. I sort of wish more of Nashville looked like that; of course, it's so big that I could have just missed those parts.

My spawn is obstreperous as usual. At least: one month's absence did not erase her memory of me. She has a summer cold, and the drugstore had no pseudoephedrine in syrup form, so I got to cajole two half-doses of Theraflu down her, one at eleven PM and one at two AM.

My car is stuffed with my junk. Sadly, some bits I could want are not in there, but overall it was a productive trip. In every other wise, Kalamazoo was rather completely stressful.

And HOT. It was hotter in Kalamazoo than in Nashville; what the heck...?

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awkemacs said...

Hot in MI. for sure. Still is today and for a few more I guess. Then back to the 70s again for a spell. I've got a spare computer if you need one. (and some other computer junk) It's pretty old but would work well as a server if you have the power, space and the desire to install a real OS on it. Post your needs or send me some email. If it's something I have laying around -It's yours.

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