South Nashville found

It turns out that it is south (and east) of downtown. Clever. It's the rough neighborhood. Read, "that's where I'll be living in a few days." It is also where the mythical I-40/I-65 bridge across the Cumberland (for that is the name of what turns out to be a river) supposedly exists, though I still couldn't testify to that.

Opened a bank account at Fifth Third. I could have done it at First Tennessee, but that's too much typing. The woman who opened the account was from Petosky, Michigan. We joked a bit about moving here, and she assured me the summers would indeed get hot, and that a small flurry of snow would shut down all the schools. "In Michigan, you start your vehicle to warm it up," someone told her. "Here, we start it to cool it down."


Oh, well.


New phone number: (615) 423-1554.

I saw my first vehicle, a pick-up, with a gay stripe on it: the stripe is a half-inch high, two or three foot-wide sticker with the rainbow colors on it. The truck had no dents or bulletholes.

That's a good sign.

I am indeed in Central Time Zone. At 8:48 am CDT the sun was astonishingly high in the sky.


I have begun to master the I-40/I-24/I-65 loop. Today I even managed to cross the mythical Fourth Bridge across the Cumberland, only getting lost about three or four times.

I have applications for Warren Terrace Apts., which needs a maintenance guy, and the Starbucks just down the road. Wish me luck.