One more down, and the future…

Famous asshole Osama bin Laden is dead. Kudos to President Obama for pursuing a military policy of targeted killings that former President Bush would applaud. Meanwhile, for the Left, war is still all about us. As for bin Laden himself… I have nothing to say. Islamist terror long preceded him and will, sadly, survive him. We must endure.

But let's take a protip from the Left, and talk about us. Besides, I wanted to link these yesterday afternoon, and why start a new post?

Hillsdale College's Paul A. Rahe ticks down the list of Republican contenders for President. First, he covers former Gov Romney, former Speaker Gingrich and former Gov. Huckabee, contrasting Gov. Mitch Daniels and Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Second, he covers two very different fiscal hawks: Paul Ryan and Ron Paul. Rahe then finishes with Sarah Palin, admitting he draws a blank on her. But, Rahe suspects, Palin will not let him remain blank on her for long.