Friday, April 14, 2017

“It takes a heart of stone to read the social media death of Little Joss without laughing.”

Oh, feminism. Never change:
Xander, however? Xander is the poster-boy for white male entitlement.

In conclusion, Joss Whedon is often a good writer, except not always. He tries — he does — but he doesn’t really get it, not completely. And he never will until he surrounds himself with women… [emphases mine]

Pardonnez-moi? Would these be women like Marti Noxon, the woman (I presume, with only her pictures to judge) who wrote the Spike-Buffy assault scene these other women hate? Who wrote that scene based upon an attempted sexual assault from her own past? (With a huge twist I will not reveal here. And to be fair: most ByVS fans despised season six and that scene was a very big reason.)

Ecce feminist.

That’s it, Joss. Bathe the podium in F-rays. Activate those six social justice warriors I worked so hard on.

He’d have to be at full speed to dodge them all.

He isn’t. I watch as they kick him around for a few minutes.

I’ve had worse times.


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