Massive Left Signalling While Admitting the Painful, anti-Left Truth

First: you are not a Liberal. You’re, at best, a semi-democratic Socialist.

Your litany of Proper Left Positions is humorous at best. Wave your little flag all you like: haven’t you noticed how a lot of the Left never cared about consistency? You oppose them on misandry, they hate you. You agree with them on the public health “option,” suddenly they love you. You are personed and unpersoned at need.

You glow with nostalgia over the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Spanish Civil War, but this was when principled people first began abandoning the Left over Stalinism: John Dos Passos, George Orwell, Norman Podhoretz.

PIRGIM: I canvassed for them long, long ago. And wow am I heartily ashamed of that. At least Sanders is not anti-gun (so far).

The Left abandoned the working class years ago. What you see in the upper class now is a kind of ritualism: since they can’t hunt a two-legged scapegoat or nationalize the steel and coal industry, they’ve moved onto “cultural issues.”

The word “globalization” is a lie: it is the world's nations updating their economies to a more Liberal stance. Your daddies and grandaddies had it easy: the Soviet Union and the CHICOMs kept billions of people off the labor force, while the Indians imitated Soviet Socialism and crippled their people. American wages stayed unnaturally high and, today, we have a lot of bad habits we picked up then. The bigotry of the Democratic 1944 employer tax breaks for employee “health care” punishes us to this day.

The rest of the world deserves prosperity. And America needs to rework Social Security, Big Healthcare and all the other bad habits to compete. Which we can, in spades, if we allow ourselves.

You noted the SPLC is explicitly operating “on behalf of” minorities from “noblesse oblige.” That would actually be a step up for the Left. The Ivy League is staging a hostile takeover of race issues from Afro-Americans. Nobility is not an issue here.