Some points

I don’t have a account. I had one, lost the password and now am locked out because TVT’s super-easy sign up has no recovery facility. So when I read about the Golden Mean Fallacy:
  • Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity could be seen as this.
  • The premise implies that both the far left and far right are full of crazies and those in the center are sane. His point is more that channels like Fox News are deliberately invoking this trope by presenting wildly extreme right wing ideas and contrasting them with relatively moderate left wing ideas, creating the impression that the truth is somewhere in the "middle"... which is actually still fairly far on the right.
I have no mouth, yet I must gag. Stewart is presumed innocent of trying to pull the conversation Left, and the writer of the second block is blissfully unaware that he has surreptitiously, or simply unconsciously, defined a middle all by him or herself. Pathetic.

Not to mention, an attempt to place the Overton Window.