Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Modern Grotesque

Stephen Green compares, properly, San Francisco's Planning Commission to the Red Guards: “In a 5–0 vote, it ordered Johnston to build an exact replica of the house he destroyed, save for the addition of a new plaque explaining the details of the building’s demolition and reconstruction.”
“Mao would have understand the purpose behind the plaque,” Mr Green writes. But it gets funnier when you read the witnesses for the defense of that poor, defenseless house:

Despite its international renown, Neutra’s work has sparked intense preservation battles.

I bet. The 1935 house is nothing but a white concrete block blob with those glass bricks, all done with the true modernist's disdain for symmetry and organic flow. All Neutra’s houses on That Wiki are sharp-cornered cubes, right down to the edges where the swimming pools meet the concrete walk ways, exactly the kind of environment you want for small children:

Like so many Neutra houses, Largent is now all white, although it may well have once been unpainted cement block and redwood siding...

So it was uglier before...?

While Neutra houses are thick on the ground in the Los Angeles area, there are only five in San Francisco...

I'm getting Delta smelt vibes here: “We have thick populations of Neutra smelt in L.A., but few in San Francisco, therefore we must assume that Neutra smelt should be living in the latter.”

To make looking at Neutra in San Francisco a little easier...

Good luck.

“It speaks to an attitude in our planning and building departments that nothing is sacred,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin, an advocate for affordable housing...

What exactly is a partisan hack and single-issue lobbyist, for that must be what Mr Peskin surely is, doing advocating for the sacred? And why does that quality exist in a single-family home? Is he pushing for the castle doctrine in the Bay Area? (If so, good for him.) I also love “advocate for affordable housing.” You mean, “housing”? All homes, unless built by the government, are sold (must be) and so are affordable. It becomes more affordable to more people the older and seedier it gets, until it finally drops below the habitability of a slum and is razed and replaced. Is Mr Peskin advocating for purpose-built slums?

One Barbara Lamprecht, in a video linked on one of the two pages above, says about another Neutra house that the second-floor view used to enjoy a closer shoreline and a flooded first-floor roof which created a seamless water view from the base of the window to the far lake shore. This destruction of boundaries contrasts very harshly with her claim that Neutra was inspired by evolutionary psychology and that our artificial environments should reflect the African veldt. Apparently, those Africans in the old National Geographic pictorials were a decadent bourgeoisie, because many of them lived in walled villages.

Further amusement is provided in the sidebar, with a picture of the demolished Neutra right below an in-site link to the article, “Curbed SF's most beautiful homes of 2018,” illustrated with a classic 1885 “Italianate villa in wood,” the Gable Mansion in no-kidding Yolo County, that the website tellingly admits is the “most jaw-dropping” on that list. Richard Neutra’s lopsided “Darling House” at #8 would have been rejected for a storage shed in the Victorian Age, and somehow was not chosen to lure the reader into the article.

But even this gets better: the list-icle starts with, “how often does one get to see designs by Angela Danadjieva, Daniel Liebermann, Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, and—blessed be—Ettore Sottsass on the market in the same year?” Can you spot the Wiccan? How blessed is the owner-occupant of a genuine Ettore Sottsass? You be the judge.

I always say I didn't have any choice in which architect to use. Sottsass would have killed me if I didn't have him design my house.

“Moderates get the bullet too.”

Monday, June 25, 2018

Pete Seeger's "Firefly"

Whilst browsing Reddit (I know, I know), I read:
Firefly is a space cowboy metaphor for the rise of the south

Rise? More like Reconstruction, only the Union is lily-white and the Confederacy is racially integrated. (The total absence of Chinese actors in FF is still one of the Eight Wonders of Hollywood, unless Sino-American rule is divided, like Niven & Pournelle’s US-Soviet CoDominium.)

Joss Whedon traffics in emotional manipulation without internal logic. Buffy seasons 2-3 were the best ones because probably the last thing Whedon "got" was high school. He's the Pete Seeger of our generation:

There is a steady flood of alien ideas being spread over the country, always carefully disguised as American.

Ah, Hiram. You could have been a hero, with just a slight attitude adjustment. Oh, well.

Consider "Heart of Gold." Consider how little time was spent thinking this stuff out in favor of mindless "white patriarchal cis-het scumlord" bigotry. What is the policy of the Companions Guild towards pregnancy? Unless contraception is mandatory and enforced, they must have some of the busiest uteri in the 'Verse.

If not, what happens to men who find out their usual girl has suddenly taken a ten month vacation? Surely some of them want those kids? Companions are expensive; surely the men who hire them are wealthy, which means many of them are also powerful. Does male birth control exist? Is the assumption that, if you knock up a girl outside of marriage (or something like a pre-nup) the male gets no control over the kid?

But just saying a guy has no legal rights doesn't eliminate all trouble. Does the Guild have no rules, or strong social mores, against handing the kids over to the dads? If they don't, then you've just set the rule, "Any baby between a Companion and client is the Companion's unless you manage to convince her otherwise. That is like setting a rule that may not be changed unless your kids whine at you really hard.

And, of course, Burgess’ immediate stooping to violence is mindless. Whatever happened to rich men buying their way out of trouble? Is this hooker really turning down her own small house in town, and regular opportunities to see her kid? If Burgess is really this violent and crazy, why bang him in the first place? Does he really have no enemies?

"Oh, look, there’s a space ship! Hey, Spreads-Her-Legs-For-Cash, why not waddle onto that ship and get off the planet controlled by the psycho-killer and have that kid somewhere else? You know, so everyone else can live through this?"

The attack? It's the worst! Any halfway decent corporal would:

  1. put Mal, Zoe and Jane in three covered foxholes, in a short arc, between the town and the brothel, close enough to mutually support;
  2. put Book, Simon or both on a hill near town to observe the enemy forces departing for the engagement, and/or
  3. launch Serenity for observation/air power;
  4. wait for Burgess’ land speeder to pass over the foxholes, then
  5. shoot the SOB in the back.
  6. And everyone flying in with him, too.
  7. Then knock over the local bank.
  8. Then run like Hell.

Because God loves him who loves his kill box.

The dumbest, greenest U.S. Army private would know their best bet is to get out of the house. And yet our lovable gang of idiots failed to use the most basic military tactics! No wonder the Browncoats lost: they deserved to.

And where is Mrs Sterile in all this? Yes, yes, I know, unFeminist Women Have No Agency. But is she really incapable of seeing how a deal between her and the hooker would advantage both? Failing that, why not pop over to the brothel for a quick visit, and when your hostess politely hands you your  cup of tea, whip out a derringer and put two bullets in that swollen belly? Now that would be a real public service announcement on the evils of prostitution.

"Girls and boys as young as twelve may begin training..." What happens if they quit at 19? Who pays for all that training? Also, I'm impressed that Islam was extinguished before they left Earth; otherwise the "Madrassa," AKA Inara's Hooker High, would have a sign, "Incoming mujahideen please use service entrance."

Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekly post

I’ll just update this post as the week goes by.

David Cole of Takimag is a treasure of un-PC thought:

Get the joke? Van Der Mark claimed that Jews were using people of color to do their bidding, and in response a bunch of Jews used people of color to do their bidding. … And what we’re left with is a story with no good guys.

Be sure to read his two linked posts: “The Negro Jim Conley’s Baadasssss Song,” and “Deserve’s Got Nothin’ to Do With It, Precious.” (Cole is King of the Title Mash-Ups.)

Ace of Spades HQ links to former Clinton pollster Mark Penn’s “To Save the Republic, Robert Mueller and the Deep State Must be Stopped”; describes what order he hopes the God Emperor will give the FBI; and links to Hot Air’s “Andrew McCarthy: The DOJ’s disparate treatment of Trump and Clinton.”

Via Instapundit: Stefan Halper is the name of the spy/agent provocateur that Obama's intelligence officers had used on the Trump campaign.

Vox Day excoriates Ben Shapiro, and recites a lesson on democracy from the Risorgimento at the blog and on the Dark Stream:

As I noted, “If Halper et al. were ‘merely’ spying, or sowing dissent, American standing will be 98% untouched, though there will (I hope) be domestic hell to pay. If votes were suppressed/altered, hang on to your butt.”

A Russian’s Devastating Verdict on Norway: Bruce Bawer, American ex-pat, Norwegian citizen, became a Russian bot/Putin stooge so slowly I hardly noticed.

Glenn Reynolds: school shootings are now a competition for media coverage. Of course, journalists are unfocused, indecisive untermenschen (the science is settled!) so don’t expect them to mend their ways.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders rubs it in: “Democrats are losing their war against women in the Trump administration.”

Friday, May 18, 2018

Paul Gottfried reviews Jonah Goldberg

Paul Gottfried, the true father of the alt right, reviews Jonah Goldberg’s Suicide of the West:
Goldberg has crassly stolen the title of James Burnham’s great work… Goldberg’s random opinions represent the very pathology that Burnham railed against. Goldberg hates national identities (although he makes an exception for Israel), opponents of the Deep State, immigration patriots, and those who imagine that democracy has something to do with the popular will… Goldberg identifies “conservatism” with resisting Donald Trump.

 Hat tip to Vox Day.

R.I.P. Adam Parfrey from David Cole

David Cole, author of Republican Party Animal, remembers Adam Parfrey, founder of Feral House, editor and publisher of Apocalypse Culture:

But something about him changed after the 2016 election. He became obsessively, humorlessly anti-Trump… Adam always loved the idea of anarchy, of mixing things up, of overturning the old order… surely he could appreciate the absurdity, the surrealism, of the current situation. Surely he could embrace the chaos… It kills me that I’ll never have that conversation.

Surely that was why he was anti-Trump: so long as this culture war rages, Parfrey had made a living from it. A restoration of the old American modus vivendi would return the old bourgeois ascendancy to power, end the chaos, and knock the weirdos down from cult leaders to individual eccentrics. The Democrats simply did not threaten Parfrey the way a Trump or the insurgent Right does (though a few decades under under the Socialist pillow might have changed his mind).

But Apocalypse Culture is a fascinating book, and you should read it. (A fun game: look over the political landscape and try to determine who would ban it if they could.)

Spengler (AKA David P. Goldman) reviews Frederick Crews’s Making of an Illusion:

Crews has here misread both Nietzsche and Freud… Nietzsche did not say that Christianity was the revenge of the weak against the strong; he wrote (in 1887’s The Genealogy of Morals) that Christianity was Jewish revenge on the pagan world… Freud read Nietzsche more carefully than Crews… Freud’s argument that “hatred for Judaism is at bottom hatred for Christianity” in my view is on the mark.

Mollie Hemingway lists “Ten takeaways from the New York Times’ defense of FBI spying on Trump”:

The New York Times writes, “Crossfire Hurricane began exactly 100 days before the presidential election, but if agents were eager to investigate Mr. Trump’s campaign, as the president has suggested, the messages do not reveal it. ‘I cannot believe we are seriously looking at these allegations and the pervasive connections,’ Mr. Strzok wrote soon after returning from London.”

There are multiple problems with this claim. For one, Strzok wrote that text in all caps with obvious eagerness. As the Wall Street Journal noted months ago, “Mr. Strzok emphasized the seriousness with which he viewed the allegations in a message to Ms. Page on Aug. 11, just a few days before the ‘insurance’ text. ‘OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE WE ARE SERIOUSLY LOOKING AT THESE ALLEGATIONS AND THE PERVASIVE CONNECTIONS,’ he texted.”

Slightly different. And the Ace of Spades asks, “Was it all a set up, from the very start?

Via Instapundit:

  • A collection of tweets from the people leaking their source about the dangers of leaking their source.
  • The piece is tailored to Bowles’ message: Peterson is a horrifying misogynist. Her evidence of this is that lots of young men listen to Peterson, and that Peterson believes in innate differences between men and women. She then proceeds to snip his comments, surround them with her suggestive perspective, and roll the whole ball of wax into an anti-Peterson grenade.
  • Man ‘firing gun and ranting about Trump’ shot by police at Trump National Doral, gunman ID’d.
  • Wolfe was flummoxed, Grass silent as their co-panelists described the nightmares and injustices taking place outside the hall. "Suddenly," Wolfe recollected, "I heard myself blurting out over my microphone: ‘My God, what are you talking about? We're in the middle of a … Happiness Explosion!"

The Federalist: “For instance, to write Back to Blood Tom Wolfe spent five years traveling to and from Miami, living for months there and interviewing everybody in sight, going to every neighborhood.”

More from the Fed: “New Data Show California Kids’ Math Achievement Took A Nosedive After Common Core.” Because redefining “college-ready” down is a risk-free strategy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Male Feminist Ally: Anorexia is bad for girls, great for boys

Reason continues to cover itself in shame, then glory with two story pairs:

But let’s take a look at the feminist ally over at the New York Times: “Welcome to the Age of the Twink.” First, in the name of Good Journalism, we are reminded of a (very hot) gay male sex scene in a movie (I can only assume). Then, we are reminded that Straight Males Acting Gay Is The Second Best Thing Ever, just under the latest revelation that Some Guys Are Twinks.

We are then treated to some shabby etymology (“it’s a vulgar riff on the cream-filled Hostess snack...”) No, it is not vulgar (though the pun is definitely there), it is exactly analogous to the slang term “cream puff,” only in a milieu of gay males instead of soft-touch high school teachers.

We are then treated to some twink fan-girling before the Weighty Conclusion:

Female body types have always cycled in and out of style

So have male types. Woman have very definite tastes in male beauty, and fads have come and gone. (Remember Camille Paglia raving over “the narrowness of Cary Grant’s pumps”?)

alternatives to the ideal of imposing [male] physicality have usually been ignored or lampooned.

Hundreds of thousands of male nudes of every shape adorn art museums, but the author may not be aware.

But as women continue to use their voices to undo that legacy of toxic masculinity


These twinks, after all, aren’t just enviably lean boys or the latest unrealistic gay fantasy, but a new answer to the problem of what makes a man.

Oh, unholy Hell, I could unpack this for months. But to start: no, they are no part of any answer on “what makes a man” except, “a temporary stage on some guys’ paths to manhood.” Yes, some of them will still be beanpoles when they are fifty but most of them will not. (Where do they report to turn in their Numale ID cards? And will we gather outside Twink HQ chanting “Carousel! Carousel!”)

Isn’t “unrealistic” the very definition of “fantasy”? (Not all gay share this fantasy and wow, that was insulting.) And “enviably lean boys”: if you swapped the sexes in this article, feminists would REEEE!! themselves to death in the rush to accuse you of promoting anorexia. (And if you admire a fit woman with a nice layer of subcutaneous fat, you're a “beach body ready” fascist.)

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Murdering Trump with your mother-in-law’s cookies and East Asian Realpolitik

Tablet magazine is usually rather good, but today…
  • Kassam Eid accuses Samantha Power, Ben “Dem Gullible MSM” Rhodes and Barack Obama of “covering up the evidence of war crimes and genocide in Syria and twisting facts to serve their political agenda and public image.” Trump is praised for exposing this deceit.
  • Also Tablet: “((Brit))) writes TIMELY book about how killing a Trump-like politician would be so TIMELY.”
  • Tablet coup de grâce: woman drones on in print about tossing her mother-in-law’s cookies. The Mob has shorter grudges, and I’m damn sure even their stories without body counts are more entertaining: “I never made them while she was still alive because I could never have subjected myself to her comments after tasting one… My mother-in-law complained about everyone’s baking except her own… I did not willingly bake for my mother-in-law until the year before she died.”
These articles were all on the same page.
Strategy Page writes: “European nations have a problems with the many widows and children of ISIL fighters now under arrest in Syria and Iraq. Many of these widows are asking to be returned to their European homelands…” Those aren’t their homelands.

“European nations have finally come around to acknowledging that Islamic radicals and their supporters, especially those in Europe, are eager to radicalize their children and produce another generation of Europe based Islamic terrorists. For a long time European governments either ignored or denied this.”

Also Strategy Page: North Korea steals South Korean war plans, realize they’re screwed.

Emperor Xi Jinping pushes for removal of term limits, tightens his control.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Laura Southern on South Africa's Farm Murders

You can read more about the ANC’s imminent South African race war here.

Jeanine’s story:

The crazy politicians stoking the hate:

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux have a long talk about South Africa and the ANC:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Culture: support, extend, transform

I get Jordan B. Peterson’s point here but not his larger point:

"When someone is proud of his culture despite having done nothing to support it, extend it or transform it." I suppose everyone I know could write a novella, a short story, a poem, or a comic book, but not one in a thousand could write one that others would willingly read. Still, I have frequented fanfic communities (to pick a random group), and will testify that, yes, Sturgeon's Iron Law is still valid, but some people do manage to bang out readable, enjoyable fiction, and, further, a few people in those communities can write fiction that one reads, keeps, and adopts, whether as a favorite story or a model for one’s own writing.

To write something that other people adopt, even a few people, even in a transient fan community, is truly an achievement that extends one’s culture, at any scale. But not one in ten thousand can achieve this, and many who can never do: too busy, too discouraged, too, too … gainfully employed.

And to transform one’s culture, I think perhaps no nation on Earth has ever had more than ten of those creatures alive any given instant, even including science and engineering, where a few Newtons and Maxwells are followed by diligent craftsmen working out the obscure, but life-changing, derivations of the giants’ ideas.

Finally, we come down to support. I wonder what Mr Peterson means here, since most of the neo-Reactionary/Alternative Right pay income taxes to the kinds of schools that hire Mr Petersons, and to Government Art Agencies that use their glorious, tax-funded largess to shove crucifixes into bottles of piss.

Does he refer to the support from men accomplished at working in the heavy, frictious world of things, where piles of lumber stubbornly refuse to become houses without large inputs of thought and work, where “cleanliness is next to Godliness” fights the Second Law of thermodynamics, where the wrong kind of dirt changes building plans, causing us to mutter, as we have since time out of mind, “The Devil is in the details”?

Does he refer to the ad hoc funding Joshua Bell famously failed to receive in the D.C. Metro? Or the education that relegated classical music to “dead, white male” status?

Does he refer to the paying audiences that gave American television, movies and music a global reach?

Call me “curious red.”

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Roy Moore loss

Everyone starts with the primary, but that is too late.

Luther Strange lost the Alabama Lt. Governor election to a Democrat, then later won Attorney General, a much lower profile. He won one AG incumbency, but incumbents are a different beast so I do not count them.

So, a candidate with a 50% loss rate is run for a U.S. Senate seat. Like George H. W. Bush, he had little electability.

Strange took 33% in primary, while Moore got only 39% (Also like Akin, who got 35% in primary, with two opponents each with 32%.) Moore took the run-off 55-45. The bottom line:

  1. The loss begins with the governor nominating his AG, a move supported by Karl Rove.
  2. It continues with Moore failing to defend himself effectively. He can't even stop his wife from babbling "some of our best friends are Jews." (My God, it's CURRENT_YEAR!)

As we saw with Akin, good Christian credentials are important in the South, and elsewhere. But "too much Jesus" does really exist.

Now: candidates like Moore and Akin are fundamentally unavoidable. So long as we have primaries, we will have them, but the Party is expected to head them off without calling its own voters bigots or religious nuts.

The National GOP should have been at the governor's door, asking his price for a solid Senate candidate, as opposed to a buddy.

You can also lay a little blame at Trump's door. He should have asked about the possible replacement for Sessions. I am sure he won't make that mistake again. I feel bad for him, he must be seeing US CEO as a completely thankless job.

Modern Grotesque

Stephen Green compares, properly, San Francisco's Planning Commission to the Red Guards : “In a 5–0 vote, it ordered Johnston to build a...